How to Ship Fishing Rods

thumbnail How to Ship Fishing Rods

Today, people are interested in many activities. One of these activities is fishing. All genders and age groups often love this highly enjoyable activity. You should have your equipment with you when you go fishing. The first thing you need to do is buy a fishing rod. At this point, there is a situation that customers and sellers are curious about. How to ship fishing rods?

Fishing lines are extremely sensitive and fragile in terms of appearance and structure. Therefore, it is helpful to be careful while sending. If any of the rods are broken or damaged, the fishing line will not be of much use. 

Since the size of the fishing rods sold is long, couriers and cargo companies may not accept the product you send. Therefore, with good research, you can carefully send your fishing rods. In addition, you can review the correct shipping options and provide hassle-free shipping.

How to Ship a Fishing Rod with the Right Materials?

Of course, the location of the preferred materials in fishing rod shipping is critical. Sending the fishing line, you will pack it with certain main materials preventing the product from being damaged. What about How to ship fishing rods with the right materials?

A few primary materials and shipping styles you can choose to send fishing rods can be listed as follows;

  • Bubble wrap method
  • Wrapping and packing with peanuts or foam materials
  • Use of duct tape
  • Quality selection of shipping box
  • Protection of the container box you will send

Thanks to these 5 different shipping methods and steps, you can safely send thin fishing rods. Yeah! These are suitable materials. There is only one important thing to note. No matter what method or material the fishing line is packed with, it is necessary to leave space at both ends. This minimizes the possibility of damage during shipping.

How to Ship Fishing Rods

How to Pack Fishing Rod for Safe Shipment?

If you are one of the sellers who want to safely send the sold fishing rods and care about their customers, you should definitely comply with these factors.

  1. The stick must be wrapped with bubble wrap.

Fishing rods wrapped with balloons reach their owner safely. Because these products prevent external impacts from contacting the product and being damaged, thanks to their plastic structure, they will not break or tear in any way. Thus, it can provide safe delivery.

  1. The shipping box must be filled with foam.

Yes, this is one of the essential things. Because fishing rods are fragile and sensitive, in any case, they can be damaged. You need to foam the edges of the box after covering the product with bubble wrap. These foams are both a support and a protective layer.

  1. The outside of the box should be covered with packing tape.

This step prevents the fishing line from flying out of the box. As part of security measures, duct tapes are a great option. You can cover the outside of the filled-covered box of your pipes with tape with high adhesive strength. This way, you can prevent your fishing line from coming out unintentionally, damaged, or even lost.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Fishing Rod?

One of the issues that cargo companies are wondering about is how much does it cost to send a fishing rod? The question is water. Because not every shipping company will accept your fishing line.

Even if he gets it, the fee may seem a little expensive to you because all responsibility belongs to the carrier cargo company. At this point, you need to determine the company you will send. Remember that a good cargo company will neither upset you nor damage the product.

The weight and size of the fishing line are significant during shipping. While you cannot reduce the weight of the mentioned fishing line, you can decrease its length. In this case, the critical thing is whether the fishing line is divided into two. Because if your fishing rod splits in two, you are lucky. 

You can get this job done professionally and affordably. In this regard, you can get an offer from each cargo company. You can choose a safe and affordable company for the offers you receive. 

In this way, you can contribute to your pocket and increase the safety of your product. Another critical issue during shipping is how far you will send the fishing line. As the mileage increases, the fare may also change. This may be too much for you as it is an additional fee.


Sending a fishing rod is quite a difficult task. Because both the durability of the fishing line and the cost should be kept low, the sending companies should research the fees and shipping methods. Then, all you have to do is pack your fishing rod safely. 

This packaging process is also possible with suitable materials. The courier company you choose afterward is also a determining factor in shipping. First, split your fishing rod in half (if possible) to keep the cost low. Then make your package neatly. Finally, you can deliver the product to your preferred cargo company. In this way, you can witness a safe process.

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